It began with a vision to give our community a treasure...
a storybook of great achievement, a theater of knowledge, and a cathedral with a view of infinity.


Duluth’s aviation history is significant. Pioneering aviators set forth a flight plan bringing Duluthians from the Wright Flyer through to modern day aviation. Preserving this rich history, protecting the archives, and presenting the chronology and the findings are invaluable and irreplaceable.


Nurturing aviation will insure a vital and viable economy for tomorrow. By inspiring future aviators, scientists, and designers, Duluth can continue to benefit economically. A location gathering like minded individuals together will escalate aviation’s development as well as the community at large. Education is more than a school. Education is a discussion of possibilities.


Striving to create and build aviation’s future is as important as preserving the past. By setting forth an agenda for progress, Duluth can become an aviation center, rich in thoughtful and purposeful individuals willing to develop an idea to its potential.

Our vision is a community inspired and enriched by the art and science of aviation.

Our mission is to preserve our community's deep aviation history,
and to educate our community with this history and knowledge of aviation and aerospace.