Sandra Ettestad
Founder and President

John Eagleton
Vice President

Tom Betts

Don Monaco

Mike Gardonio
Airport Advocate

Mark Marino
Lark Project Leader

Our vision is a community inspired and enriched by the art and science of aviation.

Our mission is to preserve our community's deep aviation history,
and to educate our community with this history and knowledge of aviation and aerospace.


To accomplish its mission, the Duluth Aviation Institute shall base
its decisions and actions on the following core values and beliefs:

Accountability for the Future The Institute shall always remain mindful of how today's decisions affect the future. We shall strive to favor long term improvement for our community over short term benefit for the Institute. We shall hold ourselves accountable for doing whatever we can to bring about a successful future for our community and for the generations who follow us.

Asset Approach We recognize that our community possesses an abundance of talents and strengths upon which to build. We shall encourage our broad community to participate in our efforts, drawing on their wisdom and experience. We shall embrace all assets to help us accomplish our objectives.

Interconnected and Interdependent We know that individuals, organizations, and communities are all interconnected and interdependent - our potential is greatest when we work together. Our approaches and actions shall discourage competition. We shall complete our work in a manner that is open and cooperative. We shall always seek the best end result for the communities we serve, working side by side with others. Our actions shall always treat all parties with respect, compassion, generosity, and dignity.

Practical and Accessible The Institute shall pursue practical approaches, in a continuous learning environment, to achieve its objectives. The Institute shall always pursue pragmatic means to reach as many people as possible.