Educate with the art and science of aviation.


We believe in you and your extraordinary intellectual capacity. Knowledge enables and transforms our world and its people. Duluth Aviation Institute is dedicated to educating the public with knowledge of aviation and aerospace. Through aviation, our planet Earth is viewed and explored from above. Through aviation, space travel is achievable. Robert Gilruth, Father of Human Space Flight, grew up in Duluth, dreamed big, and solved the greatest engineering challenge of our nation: to land man on the moon. Our physical science aviation unit is named the Gilruth Continuum in honor of his great contribution to mankind.


Are you ready to discover the mystery of flight? Anticipate the wonders of aviation science in action. Gilruth Continuum Next Generation will guide you and your students through video lessons and aero-activities to understanding why flight is force in motion. Create a dynamic learning experience with the components available with a click of a link to the sky.


It is time to put your knowledge into practice. Every flight is logged into a pilot logbook to document flight time and experience. Lessons learned and used will build knowledge and wisdom. Science is asking questions, experimenting with hypothesis, and discovering solutions. Art is the creation of our hands and the work of our minds. Building an airplane is as exciting as flying an airplane.

Gilruth Continuum implements the 5E Instructional Model
and allows students the time to learn
physical science concepts through the lens of aviation.

engage explore explain elaborate evaluate

Students actively witness their thinking and the knowledge
gained through their comprehension.